February 10, 2017

Parish Councils

Saint Mary Parish has two advisory councils that endeavor to provide support and guidance to the church Pastor. Each council also has ex officio members from the other council who attend each meeting to ensure that they are working in concert with one another to meet the goals and needs of the Parish.

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council advises and supports the pastor for the growth and betterment of the parish by assisting in formulating programs and policies. It should represent all parishioners, foster unity, and encourage participation in parish life. Dialogue among staff, parishioners and parish organizations is to be promoted.

Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council, composed of members with the appropriate expertise and possessing a love for the Church and its mission, provides the Pastor valuable advice and assistance in the execution of his parish financial administration duties. A competent Finance Council can also help a parish maximize its financial resources and avert potential financial problems.