October 14, 2017

Our Prayer Life

Sunday Mass

Saint Mary Parish has a rich faith life that incorporates opportunities to celebrate the sacraments and explore your faith in a variety of ways, both personally and as part of our faith community. 


Father Brent Shelton, St. Mary's Pastor - Phone: (865) 482-2875 Ext. 1 pastor@stmarysoakridge.org
Father Pontian Kiyimba, A.J. - Associate Pastor Phone: (865) 482-2875 Ext. 2 parochialvicar@stmarysoakridge.org
Deacon Gary Sega, Pastoral Associate - Phone: (865) 482-2875 deacon1@stmarysoakridge.org
Deacon John DeClue, Pastoral Associate - Phone: (865) 482-2875 Ext. 9 deacon2@stmarysoakridge.org